How much will Canada’s block on foreign buyers help its housing crisis?

NPRSaturday 21 May 2022 Update RequiredTo play audio, update browser or flash plugin. Copyright 2022 NPR. To see more, visit The average home price in Canada has skyrocketed to over $800,000. Globe and Mail property reporter Rachelle Younglai tells NPR’s Sacha Pfeiffer how Parliament hopes to address the crisis. copy SACHA PFEIFFER, HOST: At … Read more

Is California’s housing market finally cooling off? Here’s the latest data on home sales and prices

The Bay Area and California housing markets could be slowing from the rapid pace during the pandemic, new reports show — though prices are higher than ever. Three reports from various real estate companies and associations each noted that April sales activity in the Bay Area and California slowed compared to March and year over … Read more

Entrepreneur sees bigger prospects in real estate market

Millenium Group chairman Eze Munachino says Nigeria’s real estate market offers greater prospects. Munachino, who runs Nigeria’s leading real estate and general merchandise conglomerate, said the market has seen exponential growth recently and continues to expand. In his opinion, the growth was the result of the secured investment opportunities that the industry had created for … Read more

Looking to Buy a Home? Don’t Have Real Estate Regret – NBC Connecticut

The scorching housing market is causing people to make decisions quickly. With multiple listings, buyers beckon inspections and many homes go well above the asking price, but there can be a hidden price when rushing to buy. Some Connecticut homeowners say they paid a price for not knowing more about their future homes. Just ask … Read more

Foreclosure filings are up 132% from a year prior. Here’s what that means

What does the recent spike in foreclosures mean for the housing market now? Getty Images As we perused real estate data this month, three stats stood out to us. The first: That the number of active foreclosures (that is when the foreclosure proceedings on a seriously delinquent loan has started but has yet to be … Read more